Clearing the Air: What Is Hemp

Here at In-N-Out Hemp Production, we get asked a lot of questions every day. Some questions, like “how did you become a Top Rated National® hemp producer,” or “what makes your hemp seed products the best,” have easy answers. We only use hemp products lab tested and certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. These high standards are in keeping with our unyielding commitment to provide our customers the best quality hemp seed products available. But we also get asked tough questions like “what is hemp,” and “how is it different from other plants?” We’ve got good answers for those questions too, so read on to learn more!

The Long Answer

Hemp is part of the cannabis sativa plant species. Unlike it’s more infamous cousin, hemp is extremely low in tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is this THC that makes other cannabis breeds like marijuana psychoactive.

Rather than THC, hemp has a high concentration of cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is notable because it is known to have anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties. This makes CBD useful in treating conditions like arthritis, depression, infection, and other health issues. While cannabis plants often have both THC and CBD present in their chemical makeup, the higher CBD content of hemp counteracts the THC’s psychoactive properties.

Because hemp is so low in THC, it used for other purposes. The fibers and seeds of the cannabis sativa plant can be harvested as an industrial crop and are made into a wide variety of products ranging from paper and rope to oils and tinctures.

Hemp is also a heartier plant than other cannabis plants. It can grow in most climates and requires minimal care. Often, hemp is grown by the acre, as the plants can grow very close to one another, lending a bunched-up appearance to many hemp fields. This makes hemp a favorite cash crop for farmers across the world, and for much of history. Other cannabis plants, like marijuana, are less resilient to climate conditions, and require much more labor and attention to grow successfully. These plants need more space, and cannot be grown near other crops like hemp.

Additionally, while both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis family, they look very different from one another. Hemp has a collection of long, skinny leaves concentrated at the top of the plant. Hemp can grow to be almost 20 feet tall, and often does not have any branches below the top of the plant. Marijuana, in contrast, has leaves that are broad-leafed, look like a bud, or appear like a clump of hairs. Marijuana does not grow very tall and often looks like a small bush.

The Short Answer

Hemp is a really useful crop that can be made into a lot of products. It can be made into the shirt on your back, or into the hemp seed oils and lotions we offer, and new uses for it are being discovered every day! While it may be in the cannabis family, it cannot get you “high” like other cannabis plants. Because hemp is easy to grow, more of the plant can be used to make products, unlike marijuana which strictly uses the flower of the plant. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants but don’t share each other’s looks.

The Long And Short Of It

So there you have it. Hemp is a versatile, and hearty plant that has a wide range of uses. At In-N-Out Hemp Productions, we offer only the finest hemp and CBD products. Our hemp seed oils, lotions, and capsules use CBDs that can help lessen your aches and pains, and only have trace amounts of THC, so you aren’t left with any undesirable “high” feelings.