100% American Made Hemp Extract

  In-N-Out Hemp Production is dedicated to helping people of all ages and ailments achieve an active and healthy life. We always strive to provide premium grade products at an affordable price. We are passionate in our belief that everyone should have access to all the Hemp Extract benefits. 

About Us

We take pride in what we are doing



We are committed to bringing you a consistent product that you can depend on for daily use.

Our Hemp is grown in the Arkansas River bed in sunny Southern Colorado. It has been tested and certified by the state of Colorado to ensure top quality standards. Our rare genetics are high in photocannabinoids, and we work with some of the “hardest to get” lab technicians in the state of Colorado to produce a whole plant extract. We are looking forward to the opportunity to bring Colorado’s top-of-the-line hemp products to your doorstep, with prompt, friendly customer service and expedited shipping.

Our Facilities


We have the latest and best technology that money can buy to keep our babies thriving and healthy. We also have experienced team members that are not just doing this for a paycheck, but for a much larger purpose... to help people achieve a happier, healthy life style. 

Our water source


There is a lot more to growing a successful crop than just throwing  seeds out in the field. Irrigating hemp is commonly done using drip tape, as this can be laid out in long, straight rows and is often more economical and keeps the plant leaves dry reducing any disease issues. A good water source is very important and needs to be free of pesticides and chemicals. We pull water from a remote part of the Arkansas River, far from the common pollutants we see from today's agriculture.